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Bright Green is Back

2017 started on a sour note with both of my powder suppliers telling me the bright green powder had been discontinued. I guess the world ended for powder suppliers because it's 4 months later and the bright green is back.

While the bright green was discontinued,  I came up with a new green which I will call "New Green". It is a darker shade and has tiny white speckles that you can't notice from more than a foot away from them. Customer response has all been positive so far. In the photo above you can see the old bright green in the background and the new green on the Qwas Dogs and A-Dogs in the front. Mention you want the "new green" color for the A-Dogs or they will come in the standard bright green.

picture of A-Dogs


A-Dogs are a version of the Qwas Dogs that have a taller head than normal. The head is just under 1.5 inches tall. The obvious uses include working with 2x (8 quarter) lumber, working with stacked 3/4 inch lumber, and guide rail alignment with 3/4 inch workpiece in place under the rail. But the not so obvious, and what really makes these worthwhile is alignment use with the Domino as we have illustrated below. The benefit of the A-Dogs is in mass production runs. For example, a project that has 10 drawers would be 40 pieces with 80 or more dominos. The faster and more accurately you can align your pieces the quicker and better the quality of the build. And we all know that time is money.

Step 1  -  Setup

Shown below is the typical setup. You will have 1 or 2 Qwas Dogs or A-Dogs at the back to act as a stop, 2 A-Dogs on the side and 2 clamps to hold the workpieces.

Step 2  -  Add Workpieces

The Qwas Dogs will act as a stop to hold the workpiece during domino cuts into the end grain. The A-Dogs will hold the 2 pieces laterally. The top piece is offset from the bottom one to allow space for the Domino to cut slots in the bottom piece.

Step 3  -  Make Your Domino Cuts


Step 4  -  Inspection


It's as simple as that, order today.  Available in bright green flat black powder coating only. Made for the MFT/3 table only. Will work with some late model MFT-1080/800s, contact Steve via email if in doubt. These dogs are only available through Steve. Price is $38 a pair with free Priority Mail shipping inside the USA.

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